2018 Fall Ball Registration is OPEN

After such a beautiful evening last night, the rain has done it again.


I've been holding out until the eleventh hour but with the forecast saying 90% chance of rain and very wet conditions I need to call tonight games.

This is next weeks schedule:

Next week:

Mon, Tues, Thursday 10Us

Mon, Wed, Thursday 12Us

Mon, Tues, Thursday 8Us

The following week will be similar and as September rolls around after labor day we can add a Saturday in there as well.

If you have any question please call or text me @ 9073512547


Steve Forrest


Hello All,

Unfortunately, this rain isn't slowing up and we need to make an adjustment to our schedules.

We currently have about five weeks left in the playing season and my goal is to get 10 to 12 games in this time period. Last year we had a short period of rain that also delayed games but we were able to keep playing until the end of September.

Remember the idea behind Fall Ball is to keep the kids on the fields as long as possible before old man winter makes his appearance. Spring is a long way off.

Schedule this week, provided weather allows is:

Wed and Thursday all three (8U.10U,12U) groups start at 5:45

Next week:

Mon, Tues, Thursday 10Us

Mon, Wed, Thursday 12Us

Mon, Tues, Thursday 8Us

The following week will be similar and as September rolls around after labor day we can add a Saturday in there as well.

If you have any question please call or text me @ 9073512547


Steve Forrest



Registration will be OPEN for only 10 days and will not be extended except for highschool/legion players


Fall baseball will start soon and we will have games for the following age groups:

8U: Tuesdays and Thursdays

12U: Mon/Wed and Fridays.

10U: Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays

14-17: Days varies

Also we will have weekend games based on teams schedules. The idea is to get around 16 games by the end of September.

Please pass the following Fall Ball information to all of your baseball contacts. We currently need approximately 120 registrants but if we can get the word out I'm sure that we can get even more players based on the number of inquiries I have received. In past years we have had more than 170 players sign up.oll
Registration will be for only 10 days and will not be extended except for highschool/legion players
Anchorage Youth Baseball Community FALL BASEBALL 2018
Registration will end Sunday 8/6/2018. Team and or individual registrations will be accepted.
We offer the following divisions: ALL AGES BASED ON 2018 LEAGUE AGES August 1 2018
  • 8U (Ages 8 and under Machine Pitch)
  • 10U (Ages 10 and under) Minors
  • 12U (Ages 12 and under) 70 foot baseball PONY
  • 14U (May be combined with the 17U)
  • 17U (May be combined with the 14U)
  • Softball (CONTACT STEVE FORREST FOR MORE INFO 907-351-2547)
Coaches can be regular season managers, coaches, assistant coaches or moms and dads willing to step up and take a team full of eager kids wanting to get more baseball in before our long cold winter sets in!!!! COACHES ARE NEEDED!!
This is an educational/developmental season that will give your player more time on the field to develop their skills.
Please note highly advanced 10 year olds may play in the 12U division and advanced 8 year olds in the 10U division.
Season Format
Play will start the week of August 6th for all levels and run approximately 6/7 weeks or until the weather changes. We will play two games per week and kids are expected to try numerous different positions. (12U and 14/17 and may play additional games on the weekend in Anchorage, Wasilla and or Eagle River) We will have a 1.5 hour curfew on 8U games and a 2 hour curfew on 10U and 12U games during the week after school starts. GAMES WILL END AT CURFEW TIME. Game start times will be 6:30PM in August and 6PM starting Sept 2. All games will be played Monday through Thursday with the exception of mid September when we may move some games to the weekend.
Up Coming Events

If you are trying to register and not able to please use this link farnorthll.bonzidev.com instead of www.farnorthysa.org
Both links take you to the Far North site but currently, the registration portal isn't working properly from www.farnorthysa.org. This issue should be resolved today or by tomorrow at the latest.

Registration is open to anyone who lives in Anchorage NO BOUNDARIES

Thank you for considering playing at Far North Youth Baseball League. Far North is a Family oriented baseball league in Anchorage that is an affiliate of PONY Baseball.

Far North offers both regular season play from mid-May to the end of July and competitive baseball from June to September.




Player clinic from 1-4 PM Sunday 3/25 at The Dome near Changepoint

♦Shetland and Pinto Players 1-2 PM

♦Mustang through PONY 2-4 PM

Player clinic from 1-4 Saturday 3/31 at The Dome near Changepoint

♦Shetland and Pinto Players 1-2 PM

♦Mustang through PONY 2-4 PM

Player Evaluations Sunday 4/15 at South High School (Schedule to be posted soon)

If you have questions about the league you can call 907-563-7922 or email at ancponyball@gmail.com

2018 Player Evaluations

Come to the Far North Baseball Mandatory Player Evaluations for all 9-17 year-olds on Sunday, April 15that South High School, 13400 Elmore Road.

Makeup evaluations at The Dome April 18th or April 23rd from 7:30-9:30 PM

UMPIRE CLINICS (Register @ www.farnorthysa.org )

To Be Announced


Come during your players scheduled time:

11:15 AM Check-In For 9/10-Year-Old Players

11:45 - 1:45 PM - 9/10-Year-Old Evaluations Session

1:15 PM Check-In For 11/12 Year Old Players

1:45 - 4:00 PM - 11/12 Year Old Evaluations Session

3:30 PM Check-In For 13-17 Year Old Players

4:00 - 6:00 PM - 13-17 Year Old Evaluations Session

All players must be registered to participate. For your convenience, register in advance on our website at www.farnorthysa.org.

Evaluations FAQ

My child is eight years old and would like to play in the Mustang (10U) division. Does he/she still need to come to evaluations?
Yes, they do. They must be evaluated prior to being moved into the Mustang (10U) division and should attend the Mustang (10U) evaluation session.

My child played Broncos last season. Does he/she still need to come to tryouts?
Yes, they do. We may need to redraft the Bronco (12U) division this year.

Will my child be on the same team as last year?
If your child is selected for the Bronco (12U) or older divisions, they are subsequently placed on the team that selected them. If your child is in one of the younger divisions, you may request a coach or request your son or daughter be placed with a friend or neighbor.

What does my child need to wear?
Your child needs to wear loose fitting clothes (sweats, warm-ups or baseball pants and a t-shirt) and NON-MARKING INDOOR SHOES. Your son or daughter will not be allowed into the gymnasium with street shoes. Oh, and please do not forget to have them bring their glove. It will be used extensively in the evaluations.

Can I be in the gymnasium with my child during evaluations?
No. Only coaches and league personnel are allowed on the gymnasium floor during evaluations. The observation level above the gym should be open for parent viewing.

What if I can't make evaluations or my son or daughter is sick?
We are a league of volunteers, all with families and understand life does happen and complications can (and do) arise. If your child cannot make evaluations at the scheduled date and time or makeup evaluations, then we ask that you contact our League President Steve Forrest via e-mail or phone ASAP. (ancponyball@gmail.com or 563-7922.)

Can I register my player at evaluations?
Yes, you can. However, there is typically a long line and a lot going on during evaluations. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of our online registration service before attending evaluations at www.farnorthysa.org.

Should attendance at the primary evaluation time not be possible, please plan to attend the make-up evaluation session listed below:

DATE: April 18th or April 23rd from 7:30-9:30 at The Dome

What is the "Denali League"? Tryouts to be held end first week of May. See website after evaluations for dates and times.

The Denali League is an optional/additional baseball level for those players that desire a more structured and competitive experience. For more information go to www.farnorthysa.org.



Registration is open to anyone who lives in Anchorage NO BOUNDARIES

You Must Log into Your Member Account to register.

This link will take you to the member log-in to log into your existing account or to create a new account.

You must complete the check out process to be registered. You will receive a confirmation email once the process has been completed.


Link to flyer listing season fees and division descriptions Fee and Division Link

The new age determination is now 8/31. This means if your players birthday is between 4/30 and 8/31 and they were eligible for play in the same division they played last year they will move to the next level of play.

For example if your player turns 9 after 5/1 but before 8/31 they will now play in the Mustang division rather than the Pinto division.

This also applies to all the other age diviions as well. However we are allowing Mustang/Bronco and PONY players who would be adversly affected to play at last years age determination criteria. This means if your player was in the Mustang, Bronco or PONY divisions last year and they were born between 4/30 and 8/31 and you would be required under the new age guidlines to move up a level then we will allow your player to play in the Mustang or Bronco or PONY divisions. This does not pertain to Shetland or PINTO players. Shetland and PINTO players wil fall under the new age guidlines.

Registration ages for the 2018 season.

Shetland (TeeBall) must be 4 1/2 by August 31st

Pinto (Coach Pitch) must be 7 by August 31st Playing ages 7 and 8 and advanved six year olds who have played two years of Shetland

Mustang (9-10) must be 9 by August 31st ,Children Born Between May 1 and August 31, 2007 may be Grandfathered as 10-Year-Olds For 2018 Season if parents desire

Bronco (11-12) must be 11 by August 31st, Children Born Between May 1 and August 31, 2005 may be Grandfathered as 12-Year-Olds For 2018 Season if parents desire

PONY/COLT (13+) must be 13 by August 31st (Players who turn 15 between May 1st and August 31st will be allowed to play in the PONY division if requested for the 2018 season)

Upcoming Games

There are no upcoming events.

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